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Barry (Roxanne's mistake)

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Museum curator

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Megamind (only appearance)

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Ben Stiller

Bernard is the museum curator and minor character of Megamind.


While avoiding Roxanne, Megamind ran into Bernard, who mistook Megamind for someone dressed as him and proceeded to insult his "costume", calling it "tasteless" and claiming that Megamind's head wasn't "that grossly exaggerated" and was unimpressed with Megamind's De-hydration gun, calling it a "cheap replica" until Megamind used it to freeze him. After that, Megamind put the dehydrated Bernard cube in his jacket's pocket, unwittingly saving him from the explosion he was about to cause in the Metro Man museum. Megamind also took his glasses and disguised himself as him for the entire time with her.

His lookalike, Megamind's Bernard disguise, is seen throughout much of the movie and has Megamind's antics, voice and green eyes to differentiate from the real Bernard.

Bernard is not seen again until a post-credits scene of the movie which shows Minion doing the laundry, only for Bernard to pop out of the washing machine, finally rehydrated, claiming that it was the worst day of his entire life, Megamind then responds with "no worries" and whacks him with the Forget-Me-Stick.

Like Roxanne, he was absent during the events of Megamind: the Button of Doom.


Bernard is slightly taller than Roxanne. He has messy, disheveled brown hair, brown eyes, a brown jacket with a blue shirt, khakis pants.


Bernard seems to be the kind of guy who is always bored and unimpressed. This is most prevalent when Roxanne exclaimed, "Bernard, I didn't know you had... feelings", when she encountered Megamind, in all his dramatic antics, disguised as Bernard.

He believes he is the know-it-all when it comes to Megamind, so much so that when Megamind accidentally ran into his cart in an effort to keep from being discovered by Roxanne, Bernard didn't believe it was him and went into a monologue about how tasteless his "costume" was and that "Megamind's head isn't that grossly exaggerated".

Bernard seems to be the type of person who is not easily frightened or intimidated. He seemed unafraid of Megamind when he first encountered him, calling him a guy in a costume, and the fact that Megamind might have been the real deal never once seems to cross his mind. He is also unfazed by Minion at the end of the movie when Bernard is pulled out of the washing machine. He is more annoyed rather than scared, especially given the fact he was dehydrated for the majority of the movie and had no way of knowing of Megamind's turn-around.