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The galaxy that both Metro Man and Megamind came from, both as infants. We only get a short glimpse of this part of the universe as a black hole ends up sucking up the planets, effectively destroying it.

Total Planets: 3 (As derived from the Megamind Junior Novel - "Our planet was in a state of chaos - buildings were collapsing and people were screaming and literally running for their lives as two of our neighboring planets were being sucked into a black hole.")

  • Megamind's Home Planet: From what we saw of Megamind's beginning, their world was an advanced technological world where the people were all blue skinned and bald with large heads.
  • Metro Man's Home Planet: We see nothing of this world, but if we can gain anything from the golden pod that baby Metro Man resided in, then this world was also technological advanced as well as a far wealthier planet (compared to the messy escape pod that baby Megamind escaped in, or that Metro Man's family prepared for the destruction well in advance of Megamind's parents).
  • Unknown third planet. It was unknown if this planet was even inhabited. If so, it is possible all the natives perished in the quadrant's destruction.