This page comprises of Hal Stewart's relationships with other characters.

Love Interests

Roxanne Ritchi


Hal and Roxanne

Hal used to be Roxanne's cameraman, who he had a strong crush on and attempted to get a date with her at every chance but she always turned him down. After being accidentally injected with Metro Man's DNA, Hal agrees to become Metro City's new hero, only because "Space Dad" told him that the hero always gets the girl. Once Hal becomes "Tighten" he tries to woo Roxanne with his super powers by throwing and catching her in mid air until Roxanne once again rejects him, resulting in Hal becoming a villain. He later attempts to kill her to get revenge on Megamind until the later removes his powers.

Hot Flash

In Megamind: Ultimate Showdown, Hot Flash was Hal's cougar girlfriend.

Enemies and Former Friends

Metro Man

Unlike most people in Metro City, Hal didn't hold Metro Man in high regard due to him being Roxanne's "boyfriend". Hal was, for the most part, not saddened at all by the hero's "death" and kept trying to get a date with Roxanne, but to no avail.

During Hal's rampage in the city, Megamind fought him disguised as Metro Man. Hal was shown to be afraid of him and fled the city when Metro Man/Megamind ordered him to without protesting, until he realized that the hero mispronounced the city "Metrosity" and went back.


Minion made sure to bring an extra door to Hal's apartment, knowing that Megamind was going to destroy his current one in order to get in. Apparently during Hal's training, Hal developed a bond with Minion's alter ego: Space Step Mom. When Megamind confessed to Hal the truth about "Space Dad" Hal was furious and among other things he yelled at him for "lying to Space Step Mom". Hal didn't seem to care at all when he injured Minion during the final battle.