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Lil' Gifted School for Lil' Gifted Kids
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Outskirts of Metro City


Music Man

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The Lil' Gifted School For Lil' Gifted Kids was an exclusive school for gifted children. Both Metro Man and Megamind along other unnamed students or "groupies" attended this school when they were young.


Located half a block away from the Metro City Prison for the Criminally Gifted, the building is a small and red with a bell on the roof, only one room and a small playground. Inside, it appears to be an ordinary kindergarten classroom with only one teacher. If there is a student with a bad conduct, he/she is can be put in "Time Out" in a corner.


This was the school which Megamind was "allowed" to attend once he came of school age. There, he once again met with Metro Man (who then was known as "Metro Boy"). During Megamind's time attending the school, he was rejected by all the students and even the teacher while Metro Man won their affections with demonstrations of his powers. When Megamind couldn't take it anymore he decided to accept his role as "the bad boy" and created a blue smoke bomb in the school house, which initiates the war between Megamind and Metro Man.

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Present Time

Old school house.png

The building no longer serves as a school. Metro Man (who now calls himself "Music Man") uses it as his home/secret hideout.