Vol. 1: Dancin' and Bromancin'

"Can I Have This Dance"

Written by Jason M. Burns, art by Fernando Peniche.

With the prom just around the corner, Megamind hatches a plan to usurp the imminent prom king, Metro Dude, but when his dastardly deed takes a self-destructive turn, he's forced to challenge his teenaged nemesis to a dance off in front of the entire class, ultimately usurping himself.

"Bad Minion! Bad!"

Written by Troy Dye and Tom Kelesides, art by Carlos Valenti.

When Megamind accidentally zaps Minion with his new mind-altering device, Minion turns from good to super evil. No longer satisfied with sidekick status, Minion leaves Megamind to start his own criminal empire. Will Megamind reverse the effects before Minion becomes Metro City's new criminal kingpin? Or will evil prevail again?.


Vol. 2: Why So Blue?


Written by Troy Dye, Tom Kelesides, art by Carlos Valenti.

Before Megamind's home planet was destroyed, a small ship escaped carrying a cute little puppy named Bobo. When this "Megamutt" crosses paths with Megamind, will it be puppy love?.

"A Sidekick's Sidekick"

Minion rescues a would-be boy hero and decides to employ him as his sidekick...and the new guy turns out to be good. Very good. Has Megamind found a replacement for Minion?.


Megamind: The Prequel

The Reign of Megamind

A look back at some of Megamind's failed schemes.


Megamind: The Novel - Is a junior novel retelling the entire movie in a simplistic way. It is geared towards 8-10 old age range. The only pictures are a few postcard sized mini posters. There are a lot of differences between The Novel and the movie.

Megamind: I am Megamind - A retelling of the movie from Megamind's point of view. It has over 15 pages (30 including front and back). The pictures are hand drawn.

Megamind: Victory at Last - A simplistic retelling of the scene where Megamind 'destroys' Metro Man, starting with Roxanne's piece on Metro Man Day, and ending with Metro Man's death. The book is geared toward the 5-6 age range. The pictures are screenshots from the movie. It also comes with about 19 temporary tattoos.

Megamind: The Graphic Novel.