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Megamind's Home Planet
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Glaupunk Quadrant

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Megamind's Home Planet is the homeworld of Megamind, his parents, and Minion. Not much is known about the planet, except that it was a technologically advanced world. Despite this, the planet also appears to have less wealth and advancements than Metro Man's home planet, due to the poor build of Megamind's escape pod and the background seen in the opening scene (It is also possible the planet lacked an effective space program, or that Megamind's parents rushed to make an escape pod). The planet also seems to have an atmosphere and water composition similar to those of Earth, as both Megamind is able to breathe Earth's air, and Minion is able to survive in Earth's water and despite needing water he doesn't drown when his head is out of the water.

Eight days after Megamind's birth, a black hole destroyed the planet along with Metro Man's and an unknown third planet. Megamind was able to survive thanks to his parents, who sent him off the planet in a child-sized spacecraft with Minion, seconds before the planet was absorbed by the black hole.


The planet's inhabitants have bald and large heads, black slim eyebrows, bright eyes and a blue skintone.

Males tend to be rather slender and can have facial hair. Females may have sturdier bodies than the males as well as a curvy figure with wide hips and long, pointed nails like that of human females.

Megamind's parents, as well as other male and female inhabitants that were seen in the running around in the background before Megamind departed from the planet wore white glittering high-collared jumpsuits with glowing turquoise stripes, although it is unknown if they all wore the same outfit at all times or for some reason.


The planet was located in the Glaupunk Quadrant, where Metro Man's homeworld was also situated. From orbit, the planet is colored blue and the same tone than that of his inhabitants' skin. Only an urban environment was briefly shown in the movie, which displayed black architecture that appeared to be built for functionality over aesthetics.



  • When Megamind is being taken to his escape pod, the camera tilts up to a large screen with the word PANIC on it. Behind the letters is a display of his and Metro Man's planets being absorbed into the black hole. Megamind's planet is named on the screen as "MEGA PLANET" and Metro Man's planet is named "METRO PLANET".