Megamind: The Novel is a more simplistic retelling of the movie.  

Differences with the movie

  • Megamind gets annoyed when Titan misspells his name as Tighten.
  • Megamind (as Bernard) asks Roxanne about guiding a troubled youth, he checks out books about dealing with troubled teens and they start talk a bit about Hal.
  • While Megamind goes out with Roxanne (disguised as Bernard) he tries to redeem Megamind in her eyes, until she reveals that she has his police files. Roxanne also reveals that she knows that Megamind grew up at the prison.
  • Roxanne talks with her mother over the phone about "Bernard".
  • Megamind (as Space Dad) "Hal, I think you're special. You will be the beloved hero of the entire city. A symbol of what we all aspire to be. People will love you." Hal "Even chicks?" Megamind "Especially chicks. And all other farm animals. I've seen it firsthand".
  • Megamind (Space Dad) and Hal go into a banter with "The flames of my evil burn bright".
  • When Megamind and Minion fight, Megamind threatens "I will flush you".
  • During Megamind and Minion's fight: Minion "I might not know much, but I do know this: the bad guy doesn't get the girl", Megamind "You may be right, you don't know much. Now give me the keys!".
  • Megamind went to Roxanne to ask for anything with Metro Man's DNA so he can make another super gun and when they go to Metro Man's place, they find him laughing in the bathroom trying to shave his face with a sander.
  • Metro Man says that part of the reason he retired is because nobody appreciates heroes.
  • Metro Man gave Megamind a piece of his hair to use.
  • When Roxanne and Megamind leave Metro Man's place, Megamind says "Don't you get it? There are no heroes, Roxanne. No real ones anyway".
  • When Tighten tells Roxanne to call for her hero, all she says is "There are no heroes anymore. No real ones anyway".
  • When Minion changes back he says "Surprise! I'm the real hero".
  • The final battle ends after Megamind pulls out the gun from the car, not when he falls and dehydrates himself.
  • Megamind says "Well, That made one of us" after the battle, instead of before.