Megamind Wiki
  • Megamind is 5′5” tall [1]
  • Since Megamind was eight days old on Christmas it's possible that he was born on December 17th.
  • According to the prequel, Megamind had tried to take over the world for twenty years.
  • According to Minion, Megamind has accumulated over 88 life sentences.
  • Megamind has an habit of pressing his face against something when he speaks.
  • Megamind seems to have a sweet tooth.
  • Megamind had feelings for Roxanne prior to the movie and was "trying to impress her in all the wrong ways".
  • Megamind's previous evil inventions have included a Forget-Me-Bomb, Encyclopedia Bombica, Rock 'em Sock 'em Kittens, Destructosaur.
  • Megamind's name was never given in the movie, although most of the fandom calls him "Syx" in fan fiction due to his response when asked by Roxanne what was he going to do with the city after he "killed" Metro Man, he said "Imagine the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can possibly think of and multiply it by six!".
  • Megamind had an unofficial worshiper cult formed in 2018 by Diego based on him.