Metro City
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Michigan, USA

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Metro City is the city were Megamind, Minion and Metro Man landed in. It is located in Michigan, USA, North America.


Around Christmas time, two space pods crash landed in the city. One was golden and fancy, in which a bulky yet very human looking male baby resided in while the other pod was grey and rickety, and on it resided a blue-skinned, large-headed male baby and his fish companion. The baby in the golden pod landed in a wealthy family home and grew up in the lap of luxury while the grey one and it's occupants bounced through the city until they landed in the Metro City Prison For The Criminally Gifted, where the blue skinned baby was raised among the inmates.

The baby in the golden pod became Metro City's beloved super hero, Metro Man, while the blue baby, who was outcasted all his life due to his destructive intellect and more alien-like appearance, became a super villain by the name of Megamind. For twenty years, Megamind had attempted to kill Metro Man and take over Metro City, although Metro Man always defeated him. Everyone in Metro City adored Metro Man (with a few exceptions) and dedicated him and a museum of all times he and Megamind battled through the years, known as the Metro Man Museum as well as his own a day, known as "Metro Man Day".

It was on Metro Man Day that Megamind finally killed Metro Man with his Death Ray and bacame Metro City's "Evil Overlord". Although, unknown to everyone, Metro Man had faked his death by stealing a fake skeleton from a school and throwing it at Megamind in order to retire from being a super hero and become a musician since he became tired of doing only what the city expected of him.

During Megamind's reign, he moved with Minion to City Hall, vandalized the city and robbed banks and other random stuff until he grew bored and decided to create a new superhero to battle with who (accidentaly) ends up being Roxanne Ritchi's cameraman, Hal Stewart. Unfortunately, the new super hero, who called himself "Tighten", decides to be a villain instead after being rejected by Roxanne, and goes bersek after Megamind revealed to him that he had won Roxanne's heart disguised as the Metro Man Museum curator, Bernard until Megamind defeats him by removing his powers.

After his victory over Tighten, Megamind became the new Defender of Metro City and was dedicated a museum.