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Metro Man
Biographical Information

Unnamed planet, Glaupunk Quadrant


Outskirts of Metro City

  • Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes, Mr. Perfect, Golden boy, Boyfriend in Tights (Megamind)
  • Metro Boy, Metro Dude, Metro Man (super hero aliases)
  • Music Man
Physical Description




Hair color

Black with grey sideburns

Eye color

Ice blue

Skin color


Personal Information

Almost everyone in Metro City


Durabililty, Flight, Super strength, Heat vision, X-Ray vision, Super speed, Singing (according to him)

Family Information
Family members
  • Unknown biological father (deceased)
  • Unknown biological mother (deceased)
  • Lord Scott (adoptive father)
  • Lady Scott (adoptive mother)
Chronological and political Information

Superhero (retired), Musician

  • Last member of his species
  • Life-long rival of Megamind
  • Former Defender of Metro City
  • Local Singer

Scott family

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Megamind: The Button of Doom (mentioned and heard only)

Voiced by

Noah Dinitere (as a baby)
Brad Pitt

Metro Man, another alien refugee from the Glaupunk Quadrant, is the adopted son of Lord and Lady Scott, a retired superhero and Megamind's initial arch-nemesis of good (later to be 'replaced' by Tighten). He, like Megamind and Minion is the last member of his species.

When he was still an infant, his home planet was destroyed by a black hole. Before the planet was eaten, his parents sent him off the planet in an escape pod to Earth, where he 'landed' (after knocking Megamind's pod away) under the Christmas tree of the Scotts' home. Growing up, he constantly craved attention and praise, which caused him to (unwittingly) ruin Megamind's chance of having a better life.



Metro Man's origins are similar to Megamind's, his home planet was destroyed by a black guy and his parents sent him off into space in a golden escape pod to save him, during his trip he crashes against baby Megamind's escape pod until his own pod gracefully landed in the Scott Manor, right under a Christmas tree. leading his new mother to think the baby was a present for her while her husband agreed, not bothering to put down his newspaper, not even when their new son started flying across the room.

As Metro Man (his actual name was never given in the movie) was growing up, he was gifted with everything he could ever want. He attended Lil' Gifted School for Lil' Gifted Kids, the same school as Megamind was 'permitted' to attend, where heearned his first fans, including the teacher by using his duperpowers and "kindness" to win their favor, often at the expense of Megamind.

After Metro Man 'forced' Megamind to become a villain, blowing a raspberry at the blue youth as he was carted off in the prison bus, he took the schoolhouse away to another (at the time undisclosed) location. Years passed and Metro Man became a sensation among Metro City, earning a museum of all the times he and Megamind had battled throughout the years.

Throughout the years, Metro Man has battled and defeated Megamind dozens of times, which earned him the praise and love of the people of Metro City.

Present time

In his final battle against Megamind, he faked his own death in order to escape the superhero life. This, inadvertently, forced Megamind (after lots of "running rampant through the streets") to create "Titan" (who later renames himself "Tighten") to replace him. After his faking his death, he retreated to his personal sanctuary, located beneath the relocated schoolhouse from his youth. Where he took up the name "Music Man" instead, purely so he could keep the logo and initials. (much to the confusion/walter of Megamind and Roxanne).

He advises Megamind that when evil appears, good will rise up to stop it, telling Megamind that in order to defeat Titan, he will have to become the hero himself.

Megamind: The Button of Doom

Music Man is not seen but is mentioned and heard singing when Minion turns on a radio.


Metro Man is tall, very muscular (his biceps are 25” in diameter [1]), has black hair with grey sideburns and light blue eyes. After his retirement he grew a beard and didn't seem to pay much attention to his appearance either, although it is most likely intentional so people won't recognize him. As a baby he had dark brown hair, which turned black as he grew older, he was also considerably bulky and bigger than Baby Megamind.

His superhero costume is white and beige with a big "M" on the chest, and a white cape. When he came to Earth he wore a white and gold onesie with a planet resembling Saturn on the right side of the chest.


From a very young age, Metro Man had an arrogant attitude as shown when he blows Megamind when they both arrived on Earth and later when Lady Scott is tickling him he shakes his finger at her in a flirty way.

As a child, he showed signs of being the typical "spoiled rich kid" and never missed an opportunity to show off his powers in order to soak up attention from his teacher and classmates, during the time that Metro Man and Megamind went to school together Metro Man made sure everyone saw him as a "problem child" after Megamind failed to make popcorn with his invention and accidentally set it on fire, possibly so that he couldn't steal his spotlight. He blatantly bullied him and even got his classmates to bully him until Megamind was expelled from the school for setting off a bomb that painted everything and everyone there blue.

During his time as Metro City's hero, Metro Man did about everything to get attention from posing for photos holding his then nemesis by the collar and/or holding Roxanne after his many victories against Megamind to carelessly juggle babies around before tossing them back to their parents until he grew tired of doing what everyone expected of him to be and decided to fake his own death in order to choose how to live his own life and retired from being a superhero and do something he wanted to do: become a musician, not caring about what Megamind could do to the city.

He silently praised his "little buddy" for his change at the inauguration of the Megamind Museum.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Super Durability
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Night Vision


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  • According to the original Master Mind script, Metro Man's civilian name is Wayne Scott although it is unknown whatever or not it was changed, although it is possible since his adopted parents' names is also Scott.