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The Scott family is a wealthy family of Metro City. They live in a luxurious mansion with well-pruned gardens. Known family members include Lord Robert Scott, his wife Lady Sally Scott, and their adopted son, Metro Man.


The Scott family lives in Metro City, although their home's exact location is unknown. During Christmas time, a golden child sized space pod burst into their mansion and slipped right under Lord and Lady Scott's giant Christmas tree, were it was found by Lady Scott just as the pod opened to reveal a bulky yet human looking alien baby. Originally it is going to be Megamind the one who could land in their mansion until baby Metro Man's pod knocked his out of the way, which sent Megamind straight to the prison. Lady Scott, thinking baby was a present from her husband for her, picked him up in her arms and began tickling him, and in response baby Metro Man shook his finger at her. Lady Scott seemed unphased when her new son started flying around the living room (with her holding onto him) while Lord Scott didn't bother to look up once from his newspaper.


Scott family mansion.

As Metro Man (his civilian name was never given in the movie) was growing up, he was gifted with everything he could ever want. He attended the same school as Megamind was 'permitted' to attend where he "amassed a gigantic army of soft-headed groupies" (earned his first fans, including the teacher) by using his abilities to win their favor, often at the expense of Megamind.

After Metro Man 'forced' Megamind to take up villainy, and blowing a raspberry at the blue youth as he was carted off in the prison bus, he took the schoolhouse away to another location, when the building no longer served as a school Metro Man used it as his home/secret hideout. Years passed and Metro Man became a sensation among Metro City, earning a museum of all the times he and Megamind had battled throughout the years. Oddly, neither Lord nor Lady Scott were seen at the museum's inauguration.